The Marine Institute’s Meet the Explorers Team primary school campaign connects us to the ocean through art activities

Explorers meet the team - Carmel11 June 2020 - The Marine Institute's Meet the Explorers team campaign is promoting the UN's World Oceans Day theme of innovation for a sustainable ocean throughout the month of June. By sharing Explorers fun art lessons and activities for parents and children to use while at home, the Explorers team are making every day a world ocean day celebrating our connection with the ocean.

"We are delighted to be sharing art activities by Carmel Madigan from Loop Head Summer School, who is an artist and works with children throughout county Clare as part of the Explorers Education Programme. With the idea that innovation for a sustainable ocean starts at home, Carmel has provided us with a selection of fun art activities that can be used to help children develop their creative skills. While learning at home we hope that the materials will also generate innovative ideas towards caring for our ocean," said Cushla Dromgool-Regan, Education Strategic Manager, Camden Education Trust.

As an island nation Ireland, we are all connected to the ocean in so many ways. It has an influence on our industry, including fishing, transport, energy and tourism, to also influencing our climate, weather, and the oxygen we breathe. The ocean also plays a significant part in in our health, well-being as well as contributes towards our culture and heritage.

Carmel's lesson plans include a range of art activities including drawing, colouring and learning about the fish found in our ocean; painting and creating collages of ocean scenes, to making sea lanterns, vessels and ocean structures from a range of mutli-media recycled materials collected from the seashore.

"Developing the children's creative and artistic skills using recycled materials found on the seashore is a great way to share our love for the ocean, as well as highlight environmental awareness and care in our local communities and around the world. The time to create art at home provides the space for children to come up with innovative ideas and possibly share new solutions towards overcoming issues such as pollution, plastics in the ocean and climate change," explained Carmel Madigan.

Dr Paul Connolly congratulated the Explorers team with promoting the arts in supporting ocean sustainability. Using the arts is a great medium that can be used to connect with the wider community and create ocean champions. It also provides children of all ages the opportunity, confidence and voice to contribute towards the conversation about the sustainable development and care of our ocean.


Cushla Dromgool-Regan
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