Marine Institute Welcome News of Yachtsman Gregor McGuckin’s Safe Rescue

Gregor McGuckin yacht's - Hanley Energy Endurance

Irish Man Gregor McGuckin, yachtsman in the Golden Globe Race has been rescued in the Indian ocean yesterday. Gregor was forced out of the solo round-the-world race last Friday, when his yacht Hanley Energy Endurance rolled 360 degrees and the main mast broke. Gregor is the second participant evacuated by the French fisheries patrol vessel Osiris. Abhilash Tomy was also rescued today from his vessel Thuriya. Abhilash, a Commander in the Indian Navy had been confined to his bunk, unable to move since his yacht was also rolled through 360° and dismasted in a vicious Southern Ocean storm last Friday.

'We welcome the good news of Gregor McGuckin's safe rescue. It's a great achievement to have endured 82 days in the Golden Globe Race. We send our best wishes to Gregor, his support team and family. We understand he has been evacuated by French fisheries patrol vessel Osiris,' said Dr. Peter Heffernan, CEO, Marine Institute.

Faced with a 1,900 mile sail across the Southern Ocean to Western Australia under a small jury rig and without an engine (his fuel was contaminated when the yacht capsized), this is a responsible decision taken by a professional sailor when all the rescue assets are close by. The alternative would have been to continue sailing singlehanded without the aid of self-steering (also disabled in the capsize) and risk having to call on the Rescue Services again should he be disabled further in another storm.

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