New Data Portal Now Available Online

Data from the Offshore Weather Buoys is available onlineKey oceanographic and marine information is now being made available to the public online via the new Irish Spatial Data Exchange (ISDE), an online portal linked to a number of spatial databases, including those held by the Marine Institute.  

ISDE will be of particular interest not only to marine scientists, but also to other scientific, government, and commercial interests in a wide range of related businesses. The system makes it easy for users to find marine and other location-based data, even when the data is held across a number of organisations.  

“The Irish Spatial Data Exchange unlocks the hidden potential of vast quantities of marine and other data held by organisations across Ireland,” said Dr Peter Heffernan of the Marine Institute.” The system makes it much easier for researchers, businesses, planners and a wide range of other users to find spatial data, which will improve efficiency, reduce duplication and benefit both the marine sector and the wider economy.“  

The initiative, which is being supported by a wide range of agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency; the Geological Survey of Ireland; Exploration and Mining Division and Petroleum Affairs Division of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources; the National Parks and Wildlife Division of the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government; and the Coastal Marine Research Centre of University College Cork, will also allow partner organisations to become compliant with the EU INSPIRE directive.  

The Irish Spatial Data Exchange can be viewed at, or through the Marine Institute’s website the DCENR’s website, and through other partners websites coming soon.