New documentary delves into Ireland’s Deep Atlantic

Ireland’s Deep Atlantic sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan

A new documentary series on Ireland’s Deep Atlantic airs on RTÉ One this weekend.  Ireland’s Deep Atlantic sees underwater cameraman Ken O’Sullivan embark on a series of voyages out into the open North Atlantic in search of large whales, sharks and cold water coral reefs 3,000 down on Ireland’s deep sea bed.The two-part series explores many of Ireland's sea creatures for the first time, documenting their behaviour, in addition to investigating the health of our deep Atlantic waters.  

The Marine Institute was delighted to assist Ken with his expedition to capture this footage.

Speaking about the new series and working with the Marine Institute Ken O’Sullivan said:

" For me as a film maker, and some of the amazing people I’ve been lucky to work with, our ideal is simply to document and create awareness of our incredibly rich oceanic world in Ireland and all around the North Atlantic.  By braving the open Atlantic again and again, in ships, sail boats and an open RIB boat, we slowly but eventually encountered some amazing sea life. An enormous group of basking sharks behaving in a way never before documented globally, blue fin tuna feeding alongside dolphins and enormous migrating whales, while in the deep ocean, research scientists brought us and our cameras 3,000 metres down to the sea bed where we documented coral reefs every bit as beautiful and rich in surrounding life as their tropical relatives, all in Ireland. And much more. Irish national research vessel, Celtic Explorer with its ROV submersible in the water.” 

Ireland’s Deep Atlantic begins on Sunday, 22nd April at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.

The Marine Institute is also delighted to welcome Ken O’Sullivan to the Marine Institute in Oranmore on Tuesday 24th April for a special screening of the first episode of Ireland’s Deep Atlantic. 

Ireland’s Deep Atlantic at the Marine Institute Auditorium, Marine Institute, Oranmore, Galway

 24th April 2018

 1.15pm - 2.15pm