Passion for Coral wins Young Scientist Marine Award

The Marine Institute special award in Biological and Ecological Sciences at the Esat BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2007 was presented by Dr. John Joyce, Communications Manager, to Ciaran Doyle, a senior student at Blackrock College, Dublin for his winning project which investigated the calcification dynamics of reef aquaria and evaluation of calcification ion.

Ciaran Doyle said that “the submission of the project was inspired by his personal interest in the marine environment and work experience gained at Bray Aquarium.  This gave him an insight into the limiting factor of the natural growth of coral.  The experiment was based on using artificial means to develop what conditions drive the growth of coral”.

“The Marine Institute is delighted to present this significant award to Ciaran Doyle” said Dr. John Joyce.  “It is encouraging to see students submit extra curricular work and to see the support from their teachers in such a prestigious competition.  The more students learn about marine science in school, the better the future will be for the sustainable development of Ireland’s 220 million acres of marine territory.”

Thousands of students from all over Ireland visited the Marine Institute's exhibition stand in the eco-zone at the Young Scientist Exhibition promoting the awareness of science and the sea through the Explorers Education programme in which the new touch tank and aquarium was a huge attraction.  Visitors also got to see a model of the RV Celtic Explorer, Irelands largest marine research vessel and had the opportunity to view the Marine Institute’s DVD “ Explorer - A deeper understanding” promoting Irelands 220 million acres of marine resource.