ROV Holland I concluded research operation at R116 accident site

Remotely Operated Vehicle Holland 1. Image Credit Marine InstituteThe Marine Institute's remotely operated vehicle team have concluded a search operation at the R116 accident site using the ROV Holland I. The team with Garda Siochana and Air accident investigation unit personnel on-board completed a detailed search from Saturday 22nd July through to the evening of the 25th July in the region of the accident site from the Commissioners of Irish Lights vessel ILV Granuaile.

A spell of calm weather allowed a detailed and thorough search of the area using the ROV's high definition cameras and lighting system. Search operations were carried out on a 24 hour basis by the ROV team of six where they were assisted by a surveyor from the Marine Institute's advanced mapping section.

Previously examined areas were revisited and the search was also expanded as terrain would allow to the north and south of Blackrock and to the east of the crash site. Whilst items of debris from the accident were located unfortunately no remains of the missing crew members were found. The Marine Institute extends their sympathies to the families of all the victims of this terrible tragedy.