Science Enthusiasts meet Scientists from Yesteryear

Einstein and Dora the ExplorerYoung science enthusiasts, families and inventors from the past, present and future celebrated the launch of the national “Science Week” at Galway Atlantaquaria on Sunday (8th November 2009).

Dr. John Joyce from the Marine Institute, in character as John Phillip Holland – the Irish inventor of the modern submarine - congratulated the Atlantaquaria on the success of the fun packed Sunday Funday.  “This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and experience the wonders and creativity involved in science and technology first hand,” he said.  “Meeting scientists and inventors from the past, such as Albert Einstein, William Rowan Hamilton - the Irish mathematician who devised the formulae behind everything from the Rubik’s Cube to modern computer screen savers and Jacques Cousteau who developed the SCUBA diving apparatus, all brought to life the wonders of science and technology in a very personal way. Having working scientists of the present to demonstrate their research on everything from fresh water fish to how the ocean affects our climate on land, was also are an inspiration to the young scientists of the future who visited the event”.

Liza McCann, Explorers Education Officer based at Galway Atlantaquaria added, “Over fifty submissions of submarine designs were submitted in the Art & Crafts competition by children - all of which showed great creativity, imagination and the potential to become great scientists and inventors of the future themselves.  Concepts included everything from submarine “stealth” cloaking technology and fish hospitals under the sea, to converting of energy of whale songs to power the vessel”.  Winners of the competition will be contacted directly by the Atlantaquaria.

Galway Atlantaquaria and the Marine Institute would like to thank those who supported the event including the National University of Ireland - Galway, the Western Fisheries Board, DERI  and Dr. Sean O’Donnell, as well as divers Declan and Paul Devane and Benny Derran. The Explorers team including the Marine Institute, Galway Atlantaquaria and the the National University of Ireland – Galway will also be at the Galway Science and Technology Festival in Leisureland on November 22nd exhibiting Science on the Seashore.


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