World renowned innovation expert Tom Kelley confirmed to speak at Our Ocean Wealth Summit June 2017

World renowned innovation expert Tom Kelley confirmed to speak at Our Ocean Wealth Summit June 2017Tom Kelley of award-winning global design and development firm, IDEO, will encourage leaders in Ireland's marine sector to engage in creative thinking at Our Ocean Wealth Summit in Galway.

Kelley is regarded as a leader in innovation management and design, with proven techniques for fostering a culture of creativity and developing processes for continuous innovation. He is the author of The Art of Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation, as well as Creative Confidence – a best-selling guide to recognising and unleashing the creative potential in employees.

Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO of the Marine Institute said Kelley will stimulate innovative thinking at this year's Our Ocean Wealth Summit.

"Using the concepts of design thinking, Kelley will encourage delegates to adopt creative, problem-solving methods," Dr Heffernan said. "He will challenge current perspectives and encourage new ideas and approaches on how Ireland can continue to transform the marine industry.

"Policy makers, researchers and industry leaders will be exposed to new techniques, which will help us work together to achieve sustainable economic prosperity and ensure our marine resources are protected for future generations."

The fourth annual Our Ocean Wealth Summit will consider the changing and diversified marine industries, and how achieving sustainable economic growth and protecting the ocean's health is both a challenge and an imperative.

"It is also valuable for our audience to hear the views of an expert from another industry," Dr Heffernan said. "Kelley will offer his own unique insights on some of the challenges faced by the marine sector and how he believes progress can be achieved."

Kelley will present to national and international delegates at Our Ocean Wealth Summit on Friday 30th June 2017 at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Delegates will also receive a progress update on Ireland's Integrated Marine Plan Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, an initiative of the inter-departmental Marine Coordination Group.

Our Ocean Wealth Summit will be held as part of SeaFest 2017, celebrating our seas - Ireland's national maritime festival.

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