EU FP7 Environment Programme announces call for proposals

The EU FP7 Environment (including Climate Change) Programme (Theme 6) today launched its 3rd call for proposals which includes many opportunities for funding collaborative marine research. Topics of interest to marine researchers include: 

  • Climate Dynamics and abrupt changes – analysis of the palaeo-record.
  • Climate change impacts on the marine environment: research results and public perception.
  • Options for Ecosystem-based management.
  • Support to Maritime Partnership.
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Mediterranean & Black Sea).
  • Management and protection of coral reefs in the wider Caribbean.
  • Contributions of seafloor sampling programmes to European deep-sea research.
  •  Sustainable development for coastal cities (India and SE Asia). 
  • Innovative coastal defence technologies.
  • Sustainable BioRefineries (deadline 2nd December 2008).  

The deadline for submission of proposals is 8th January 2009 (Sustainable Biorefinery project deadline is 2nd December 2008).  

A National Briefing Day on the FP7 Environment and Energy Research Programme will be held in Dublin on September 22, 2008.

For further information and registration, please visit the EPA website at   

Irish successes to-date in the Environment Programme, worth in excess of €3 million in grant-aid, include:

  • CoralFISH: Interactions between Fisheries and the management of deep-sea corals (NUIG/UCC).
  • EELIAD: European Atlantic Eels and an assessment of their decline (MI/CFB).
  • HERMIONE:  Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man’s impact on European Seas (NUIG/UCC).
  • KNOWSEAS: Knowledge-based sustainable management of Europe’s Seas (UCC).
  • MESMA: Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Marine Areas (UCC).
  • MIDTAL: Microarrays for the detection of toxic algae (NUIG).
  • SALSEA: Salmonid migration in the North Atlantic (MI/UCC).  

(Note: These projects are approved but still subject to successful contract negotiation.)