EU Shellfish Growers visit the Marine Institute

A group of European Shellfish experts visited the Marine Institute in Galway this week to discuss issues regarding food safety, industry development and relations with the European Commission. The delegation, visiting Ireland at the invitation of the Irish Shellfish Association (ISA), included Goulven Brest, President of the French Shellfish Growers Association (CNC), and Julie Dinimant, General Secretary of the European Mollusc Producers Association (EMPA).

ISA is a founding member of EMPA, the umbrella body for EU shellfish associations which also includes the France, UK, Holland, Spain, Italy and Denmark. Speaking at the Marine Institute, Richie Flynn, Executive Secretary of the ISA said “European growers aim to develop a united approach to the new rules on monitoring waters for microbial contamination.”

ISA, the Marine Institute and the Sea Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA) have just concluded a round of six regional consultation meetings with Irish shellfish growers around the coast to get their opinion on the new Microbiological Good Practice Guide - Ireland's draft strategy to work with the new rules.

The EU visitors were given presentations on the shellfish safety programmes run by the Marine Institute including Biotoxins, Microbiological and Chemcial monitoring. The delegation also met with ISA members involved in oyster farming in Galway and also had meetings with ISA and BIM in Dublin before returning home."