Investigation into Fish Kill at Inver Bay

The Marine Institute is investigating a fish kill in Inver Bay, Donegal in response to requests from local fish farmers and the Department of Communications Marine & Natural Resources. Scientists are working with the Department and local fish farmers to establish the cause of the fish kill.  

The Marine Institute is testing samples of affected fish, samples of sediments from seabed surrounding the fish cages, and water samples from several locations in Inver Bay.  

Preliminary investigations found normal seabed conditions  at two sites within the bay.  Oxygen and temperature profiles taken at seven locations within the bay were also normal. Water samples taken throughout the bay are being analysed for phytoplankton.  

Initial findings indicate significant damage to fish gills, samples of which are being tested for, biological, physical and chemical residues. However the cause of mortality has not yet been established.                  

The Northern Regional Fisheries Board has confirmed that no wild fish kill or pollution incidents have been reported in any of the rivers entering the bay.  

The Marine Institute will report preliminary findings to the Department by Wednesday 23rd July.