National marine research workshop

Marine experts are charting a course to the west for a new research workshop to be held in Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Wednesday, 24th March and Thursday, 25th March. It is the first time marine researchers in Institutes of Technology have come together on such a national scale. The workshop aims to increase awareness of valuable marine research in the Institutes and provides an opportunity for researchers from the Institutes to network with other researchers and explore areas of potential collaboration.

Over 100 delegates have already registered for the two-day workshop organised by the Marine Institute, the national agency for marine RTDI, and TecNet, a strategic network of 13 Institutes of Technology. The Marine Workshop has attracted a significant level of interest from the research community in the Institutes and shows the diversity of marine-related research being undertaken in the sector.

Forty-three research abstracts have been received for presentation at the workshop covering research on aquaculture, fisheries, marine biotechnology, marine environment and technology.

Two research groups from GMIT, the Commercial Fisheries Research Group, led by Dr Pauline King, and the Molecular Ecology Research Group, led by Dr Elizabeth Gosling, will make presentations at the workshops.

“It gives us the opportunity to highlight the quality of the Institutes’ training in marine research on a national scale,” explains Dr Pauline King. “This is the first such overview of marine research organised for the Institutes of Technology and we are very excited about it.”

“The workshop is an important forum,” outlines the marine scientist. “GMIT has begun to establish a significant research profile in marine research, with particular strengths in fisheries research, seafood quality, marine biology and molecular ecology. 

“We’re looking forward to meeting and networking with marine researchers and colleagues from other Institutes of Technology and developing the potential for future collaborative and innovative research”. 

Several individual researchers from GMIT will make presentations during the marine workshops. Scientist Marianne Green who is working with the Martin Ryan Institute, NUIG at their Carna facility, will speak on the cultivation of food for juvenile seahorses, Karen McCrann will speak on genetic stock identification of blue whiting and Christina Simkanin in collaboration with UCC, will tackle the topic of inter-tidal change in a warming world.

Further research papers up for discussion include work on rainbow trout, blue mussel and the detection of norovirus in food and water supplies.