Ocean Information Only a Mouse-Click Away

Easy and immediate access to a wide range of ocean data, including wave and tide heights, is now available through IMOS – the Integrated Marine Observations page of the Marine Institute website.

Featuring an easy to navigate digital map, IMOS displays icons allowing immediate access to real-time information from the Institute’s offshore databuoys, tide gauges, tidbit probes, the Furnace weather stations and other Marine Institute locations all around the country.

As well as featuring a wide range of information, IMOS also allows the viewer to zoom in and out of digital maps, the choice to view the maps in 3D, to add seabed contours and to layer one set of information on another. It also has the feature to not only view current information, but also to access archived data.

As it develops, IMOS will also allow access to new data bouys and information sources as they are installed.