Explorers Outreach in Schools

Main Image. Explorers Outreach in Schools

The Explorers Education Programme offers a range of marine themed modules for primary school students and teachers in the classroom, through blended learning as well as out-door education. We also provide schools with the opportunity to take part in a school project where teachers have an opportunity to enter their school into a collaborative school project.

If you are keen to get your toes ‘wet’, try out a marine themed class project, seashores safari, aquarium in the class, a STEM marine workshop… or dive in to a healthy ocean school project with your students, colleagues and local community.

Check out our modules below for more information:

Healthy Ocean School Project
The Explorers Healthy Ocean School Project aims to inspire teachers, their classes, and school to become active citizens, marine leaders and ocean champions.
Ocean Champions School Project & Awards
The Ocean Champion School Awards recognise the effort and role the teachers and children have played in becoming active citizens addressing the challenging issues facing our marine environment. Check out the awards and information of how to submit your Healthy Ocean School Project.
Explorers Aquarium in Class
Explorers Aquarium in the Classroom
The Explorers Aquarium in the Classroom provides children with an amazing opportunity to learn about native seashore species in the classroom. Both an aquarium and seashore animals are organised by the outreach officer – bringing the ocean to the classroom for a set period of time.
Explorers Marine Projects
Explorers Marine Class Project
The Explorers Marine Class Project provides a range of cross curricular projects and activities that support learning about marine biodiversity, marine technology (STEM), ocean literacy & the arts, the Sustainable Development Goals, and lots more.
Explorers Seashore Safari.
Explorers Seashore Safari
The Explorers Seashore Safari provides classroom activities and an amazing fieldtrip to the seashore, where the children will learn about marine animals, seaweeds and environmental care. This module also provides cross curricular resources including our Wild about Wildlife – on the seashore films, fun facts, and information sheets, that can be used as part of online and blended learning classes with our outreach officers.
Explorers Workshops.
Explorers STEM Workshops
The Explorers STEM Workshops are available at key outreach centres. Class visits can be booked throughout the year at key outreach centres that facilitate class visits to their centre. Explorers STEM workshops are run during STEM months including Maths Week (October), Science Week (November) and Engineering Week (February) pending on the centre.