Explorers Marine Project Resources

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The Explorers Marine Project Resources provide great teaching materials to help develop ocean literacy in the classroom and school.  The cross curricular resources have also been developed to support STEM & STEAM topics, as well as themes covered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The class projects may also be adapted to incorporate collaborative school projects.

The projects cover ocean themes including Living Things - Marine Biodiversity; Caring For Our Marine Environment; Climate Change; and Marine Technology; to name a few.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Explorers STEM & STEAM Our Favourite Ocean Projects for more ideas of how you can use the ocean in the classroom and school.

Deep Sea Species
Explorers Ocean Literacy & SDG Resources
The Explorers resources supports the ocean literacy principles and concepts, as well as using the UN Sustainable Goals to help introduce a better understanding how the ocean has an influence on our lives and how we have an influence on the ocean. We have selected a few of our favourite resources to help get you started.
Explorers STEM and Steam Projects
Explorers STEM and STEAM Projects
The Marine Institute and the Explorers Education team supports activities involving meeting marine scientists and creating projects in schools where STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and STEAM (including arts) can be adopted.
Fintastic Sharks
Explorers Fin-tastic Sharks + Resources
The Explorers Fin-Tastic Sharks+ resources include lots of fun content where teachers and children can learn about our favourite sharks, skates and rays in Irish waters and around the world. The information book, presentations, activity sheet and work books support the Irish Primary School Curriculum Framework (2023), as well as links in with STEM and STEAM topics.
Deep Sea Species
Explorers Deep Sea Species
Did you ever wonder what the ugliest animal in the ocean looks like or where in the ocean you would find an animal that produces light? The Explorers The Good, The Bad + The Ugly Deep Sea Species books and resources are suitable for 10-12 year olds and teachers who can’t wait to dive deep into the ocean depths to meet the Good, The Bad, + The Ugly residents of the deep sea.
Explorers Learning about Squid
Explorers Learning about Squid
We love SQUID! Put on your cephalopod science investigators cap and become a CSI Explorer. Check out the fun resources including: Learning about Squid Dissection Film and Fun Facts, information books on Squid; Children workbooks, as well as Kraken presentations, lesson plans and activities, plus lots more.
Turtle Talk with Sea Turtles
Explorers Turtle Talk with Sea Turtles
These resources are packed with photos and fun facts about the most famous marine reptiles of all: sea turtles! Including a species profile on the largest sea turtle in the world and a regular visitor to Ireland: the leatherback turtle, turtle research and legends, and how we can help ensure turtles survive into the future, you’ll soon be an expert in “Turtle Talk”!
Explorers Solution to Ocean Pollution
Explorers Solution to Ocean Pollution
The Explorers solution to ocean pollution resources can be used in the class to support environmental awareness and care projects.
EXPLORERS Fact or Fiction & Frequently Asked Questions
Explorers Ocean Fact or Fiction
Check out the Questions & Answers Archive for all kinds of interesting information and answers to questions about the ocean and the species that live there. Do you know which fish is the fastest? Or how long lobsters live? Or what causes tides? Find out below!