Climate Services

Climate services assist government departments and local authorities to adapt to marine climate change. Climate change has the potential to impact our oceans and those who use and interact with it. We are hugely dependent socially and economically on our oceans. Our oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, sea levels are rising and as a consequence, species may change their geographic range and distribution. Climate change’s effect upon our oceans holds potentially far-reaching social and economic consequences.

Provision of Climate Services is supported by a strong policy mandate, including the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act (2021). This act mandates different sectors of the economy and local authorities to produce plans to mitigate climate change (reduce emissions) and to adapt to our changing climate. Climate adaptation requires scientific evidence from our oceans to assess the rate of climate change and guide policy and climate actions needed by society. Our team collects and analyses ocean data to provide robust evidence to users and inform our identification of challenges relating to the climate and appropriate responses and recommendations.


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