EU Commission Publish Atlas of the European Seas and Oceans

European atlas mapThe European Union has very close connections with the sea. Its 27 Member States have shores on two oceans and four seas and their jurisdictional waters stretch from sub-tropical waters to areas approaching the North Pole.

 With the growing importance of maritime affairs on the political agenda of Member States, a new political geography has been created.  


Supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Mateos have developed an Atlas of the European Seas and Oceans to record this new geography in maps and graphs.

In addition to territory-related issues, the Atlas includes a summary of all the main marine uses and activities from a European perspective.

The Commission has published an English version of the Atlas with the kind permission of the authors and in line with the strategy proposed in An Integrated Maritime Policy for European Union (The Blue Book) (October 2007).  

A copy of the Atlas  can be downloaded from: