Marine Institute supports Government’s ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign

Marine Institute supports Government’s ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaignThe Marine Institute is delighted to once again support the Government's 'Be Winter Ready' information campaign. The 'Be Winter Ready' campaign is intended to raise awareness about the particular challenges that winter can present. Importantly, the 'Be Winter-Ready' campaign informs the public of what is being done in relation to winter preparations and where they can source valuable information that can assist them through a difficult period. The campaign highlights the 'Whole of Government' approach being taken to winter preparations. Severe weather challenges all of us. Activities that we take for granted can become difficult or even hazardous when severe weather occurs. However, by taking some simple steps to prepare each winter you can reduce the impact of such events.

The Government has developed the website with advice and information on how to prepare for winter. The website includes a number of targeted leaflets on themes such as flooding, farming, health and road safety and an electronic version of the Be Winter Ready booklet is available in both Irish and English.

The Marine Data Buoy Network is managed by the Marine Institute in collaboration with Met Eireann. The Network provides crucial data for weather forecasting, risk management for shipping, the fishing community and coastal towns and villages with advanced warnings as well as oceanography research and data on Ireland's deep waters. Real time data from the network can be found here