Our Ocean Wealth Summit June 2017- Early Bird Registration now open

Our Ocean Wealth Summit June 2017 - Early Bird Registration now openThe 4th Annual 'Our Ocean Wealth Summit' will take place on Friday, 30th June 2017 in the National University of Ireland, Galway. The Summit will attract global and national leaders from across the marine sector to convene and collaborate on innovating for our marine future.

The Summit will reflect the current age of innovating for a sustainable marine economy for Ireland in a landscape of global turbulence and dynamic, disruptive technological, social and political change.

The 4th Annual 'Our Ocean Wealth Summit' will examine these issues and provide a unique platform for key stakeholders in the marine industry and other supporting sectors to convene and be inspired by those leading the way in driving innovation, both as a means of achieving economic prosperity and for protecting marine resources for future generations.

The Summit is specifically targeted at national maritime stakeholders from: policy makers, industry representatives, and businesses, government departments and agencies, NGOs, academics and researchers, and is increasingly attracting international attention.

In addition, the Summit, an initiative of the Irish Government's inter-departmental Marine Coordination Group, will review progress to date on Ireland's Integrated Marine Plan – Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth (2012)

A full agenda for this year's Summit will be available in the coming weeks. Outline sessions include:

Session A: Progress on Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth
The objective of this session is to provide a platform whereby tangible progress towards the goals of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, the national maritime plan for Ireland, can be announced.

Session B: The Drive for Innovation
This session is intended to highlight to the audience the global context in which efforts to transform Ireland's marine industry must take place.

Session C: Smarter and Better
This session will examine how Ireland's established economic sectors, such as the food sector, can turn their attention to the sea. The session is designed to highlight that Ireland has key sectors of strength and expertise operating on a global playing field, which if matched to the marine resource, can be drivers for growth.

Session D: The Coastal Economy
This session will move the focus of the summit from the global perspective to one more focused on the Irish economy, using Marine Tourism and Coastal Enterprise as a case study to pose the question "how can Ireland innovate in marine tourism and leisure".

Session E: Our Rapidly Changing Oceans
Designed to bring the summit full circle, this session will reflect on the ways in which innovation is possible and the benefits it can bring. Participants will also consider the overwhelming and urgent imperative to innovate arising from our changing oceans.

A number of related industry, innovation and research events will also take place on Thursday 29 June 2017, in advance of the Summit.

The Our Ocean Wealth Summit is an integral part of Ireland's National Maritime Festival, SeaFest, which will be held in Galway from 29June to the 2 July 2017. SeaFest is a four day national festival showcasing and celebrating the vibrancy and opportunity of Ireland's ocean economy. Focused on encouraging national participation and engagement with the sea, SeaFest offers an action packed programme of events including the Our Ocean Wealth Summit, the Marine Industry Awards, trade exhibits, and a marine festival with a broad range of entertainment attractions both on land and at sea.

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