Marine Facts

Did you know that an octopus can change the colour of its body? Did you know that volcanic activity occurs under the sea? From shipping and seafood to sharks and shipwrecks, discover more about our oceans through this series of colourful marine facts.

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Salt of the Earth Marine FactCarbon Dioxide Marine FactJellyfish Marine FactWorld Oceans Marine FactHow deep is deep Marine FactEnergy Resource Marine FactMonkfish Marine FactDolphins and Whales Marine FactShipping and Shoe Boxes Marine FactSeafood industry Marine FactWater Cycle Marine FactSunlight Marine Fact1.9 million live within 5km of the coast marine factThe Real Map of Ireland marine factCoral Reefs marine fact
Marine snow marine factPacific Ocean marine factOcean life marine factProtein marine factEarthquakes and volcanic activity marine factAnemones marine factEarth's surface marine factMarine species marine factOxygen marine factWild Atlantic Way marine fact