The Ocean is a Major Influence on our Weather and Climate

The Ocean is a Major Influence on our Weather and Climate

See some of our great geography and art activities that we love to use to explain how the ocean influences our weather.


The aim of the lesson plans and activities is to help children develop their geographical investigating skills relating to weather observation.    The lesson plans and work sheets are cross curricular covering geography, english and art.  They are suited for 4th – 6th Class.

1.  LESSON PLAN GEOGRAPHY:  Observing the Weather

ACTIVITY: Observing the Weather in Ireland - Making weather badges

  • Learn about weather symbols and create weather badges

ACTIVITY AND WORKSHEET: Observing the Weather Forecast in Ireland Collage

ACTIVITY AND WORKSHEET: Observing the World’s Weather and the Seasons Pictures and Cartoon

  • Investigate and compare the weather around the world through pictures and cartoon drawing


2.  LESSON PLAN GEOGRAPHY:  Title: Observing the Weather from the Ocean – Buoy oh Buoy Weather Observations

WORKSHEET: Buoy oh Buoy - Monitoring our Weather

  • Learn about the weather buoys used to help monitor the weather in Ireland

ACTIVITY SHEET: Buoy oh Buoy - We all want know about the weather - collage template

  • Create a picture collage of those that rely on data transmitted from the Irish data buoy network.



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