Project Acronym: EuroGO-SHIP
Project Title: Euro GO-SHIP: developing a Research Infrastructure concept to support European hydrography
Funding Programme: Horizon Europe
Total Budget: €2.9 million
Duration: December 2022 – November 2025
No. of Partners: 14 partners from 11 countries
Coordinator: NORCE Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE), Norway – Dr. Elaine McDonagh (Coordinator) and Ryan Weber (Project Manager)

Project Aim: The main objective of EuroGO-Ship is to enable the European community conducting ship-based hydrographic observations at sea to provide higher quality and more sustainable data flows to a broad range of end users, more effectively.

The project will work towards strengthening European capabilities to deliver world-class Oceanographic science, which is key to inform policies and to meet the goals of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030” and the wider objectives of the EU Green Deal. To achieve this, EuroGO-SHIP will scope, innovate, propose, and deliver new services to enhance European hydrographic observations taken from ships, as key research infrastructures contributing to the wider ocean observing system. The project will engage and consult with the scientific community, existing Research Infrastructures (RIs), governments and funders to qualify existing needs of hydrography data originators and end users working with them towards strengthening European capabilities. Based on the results of these conversations, a new structure for supporting European Hydrography will be proposed, offering alternatives and a blueprint for its development. The project will also seek to connect to wider, non-expert audiences to increase the understanding of the societal value of hydrographic observations, thereby contributing to advance ocean literacy.

Within the EuroGO-Ship project the Marine Institute will mainly contribute to the following work packages

  • WP2: Concept development through co-design
  • WP4: Science inputs & stakeholder engagement
  • WP5: RI structure, governance & financial model

EuroGO-SHIP is co-funded by the European Union, Horizon Europe Funding Programme for research and innovation under grant agreement No. 101094690 and by UK Research and Innovation.