Tom Crean Specification

Research Vessel Tom Crean 3d Design Rendition at Sea

Marine Research Activities

  • Fisheries research
  • Oceanographic and environmental research
  • Seabed mapping
  • Multidisciplinary surveys
  • Training
  • Maintain and deploy weather buoys
  • Maintain and deploy fixed observational infrastructure
  • Deployment of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Holland I
  • Deployment of Autonomous Under Water Vehicles (AUV’s) and Gliders


  • 52.8 metres long and 14 metre beam
  • Silent vessel meeting the requirements of the ICES 209 underwater noise  standard 
  • Capable of accommodating 12 crew and 14 scientists
  • Dynamic positioning (DP1) using bow and stern thrusters
  • Equipped with anti roll system
  • Designed to utilise shore power and harbour generator to reduce fuel use
  • Equipped with drop keel for acoustic equipment
  • Electrical drive winches with heave compensation throughout
  • Multipurpose design
  • 180 Degree A Frame for better over the side handling
  • AUV/Glider "Step" in hull to allow easy access to water surface for deployment and recovery 
  • Capable of Oceanographic deployments to 4000m
  • Designed to accommodate Work class and inspection ROV’s
  • Designed to deploy and recover Weather buoys and  deepwater Oceanographic moorings 

RV Tom Crean Technical Specification