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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Exploring Deep Sea Species 

Teachers Workshop with Blackrock Education Centre

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Exploring Deep Sea Species 

●    During this webinar we will explore deep sea species and their adaptations to life in the depths
●    The sea and ocean around Ireland, and Irish deep-sea Exploration
●    Using creative activities to inspire and engage students and their imaginations
●    How new technology can monitor and protect our ocean
This course will provide participants with creative ideas and online content from www.explorers.ie   

Click here. Online Teacher Event
12.11.22 Let’s Talk Science Festival 2022 Join the Explorers Team at the Let’s Talk Science Festival at the Rediscover Centre to take a closer look at some of Ireland’s marine life, and species which live in Dublin Bay. Examine our biofacts, play our match the marine animal game and check out some of our free resources. Click here. In person family event in Ballymum in Dublin
13.11.22 Galway Science and Technology Festival  EXPLORERS the Good, the Bad & the Ugliest Deep-Sea Species revealed…
Did you ever wonder what the ugliest animal in the ocean looks like, or where in the ocean you would find an animal that produces light?
Join the Explorers team at the Galway Science and Technology Festival, held at NUIGalway: Sunday 13th November and check out The Good, The Bad + The Ugly: Deep-Sea Species activities.
Take part in our Great Explorers Challenge to light up our Angler Fish Circuit.
Play our Match the Deep-Sea Species game and discover the animals’ amazing adaptations enabling them to survive in the deepest parts of the ocean.  Visit our Explorers display tanks to get closer to dogfish sharks and baby flat fish… and lots more!
Click here. In person event in Galway
17.11.22 Wild about Wildlife Seashells along the Waterford Coast with Explorers Education Programme, Marine Institute  The Explorers team in Galway will take you on a journey down to the seashore where they discover some of the coolest shelled creatures. Learn what seashells are bivalves and which ones are gastropods, how they survive the harsh environment, and what they like to eat! Look out for some of the tiniest periwinkles and top shells with the coolest spirals as well as the carnivorous dog whelk, that loves to make limpets into soup! Click here. Online Event for the Southeast Science Festival

4th Scientix Conference Teachers Workshop entitled 

'Science investigations, triggers and tools to use for exploring the Ocean and Climate with children 8-12 years of age'

Understanding of the links between the ocean and weather and climate are essential as we engage students on the concepts of climate change. We will discuss the science of climate change and how it impacts the ocean, the weather, and life on Earth, as well as bridging the gap between science and society.
 In this session we will demonstrate some simple investigations, triggers and tools that can be used for children to explore these concepts and help build science and mathematics skills, while also exploring communication, creativity, the role of active citizenship and further Explorers Education Programme Resources. 
Click here. European Teachers Conference Online