Apply for Fish Health Authorisation

OystersFinal Deadline for Finfish and Shellfish Farmers

New fish health legislation - SI 261 of 2008, The European Communities (Health of Aquaculture animals and products) regulations 2008 - requires those growing or holding fish and shellfish to apply for fish health authorisation from the Marine Institute. 

The deadline for the submission ofApplications for Authorisation has now been extended to 30th January 2009.

In addition to finfish and shellfish farmers, it is a legal requirement for the following businesses to apply for fish health authorisation and to supply a supporting fish health management plan:

• Aquaculture processing businesses which carry out sanitary slaughter
• Purification or dispatch centres
• Premises where aquaculture animals are kept without being sold or supplied.  
• Put & Take Fisheries,
• Commercial aquaria,
• Quarantine facilities
• Premises where ornamental fish are kept in contact with natural water where the effluent is not disinfected.

Fish and shellfish in Ireland’s farms, freshwater fisheries, rivers and lakes are free of many diseases that occur in other countries. This new legislation aims to prevent the spread of disease, thereby retaining our current high health and welfare standards and ultimately improving profitability and competitiveness. Under the new legislation, Ireland has received the highest classification possible for finfish and can trade freely with any country within the EU and beyond.

Operators of the businesses outlined above should submit their application form, together with a fish health management plan, by 30th January 2008 to:

Fish Health Unit
Marine Institute
Co. Galway

It should be noted that failure to return completed application forms and Fish Health Management Plans by January 30th could impact negatively on those businesses operating under an Aquaculture License.
For more information on the new Fish Health Directive visit or contact Claire Kelly on 091 387518 or Lisa Fitzpatrick on 091387514