Training Opportunities at the Marine Institute


The Stagiaire Programme (Marine Institute work programme for graduates) is designed to give recent graduates (within the last two years) relevant work experience and has been running successfully since 2007.  

We offer paid employment opportunities annually for a maximum period of 50 weeks across a range of disciplines, e.g. fisheries science, food safety, chemistry, administration, economics, research, finance, human resources etc.

We advertise all opportunities on our website as well as in third-level Institutions across Ireland. In addition to developing technical skills related to the work area, a full range of training is provided as required, both on the job and through appropriate courses. Training needs will be identified through the Marine Institute Performance Management and Development System.

Former Marine Institute Stagiaires have secured employment in other public sector bodies, private sector organisations, overseas and gone back to education to study for a higher degree . See table below for details up to the end of August 2014. STATISTICS AFTER COMPLETING MI STAGIAIRE TRAINING PROGRAMME

Here are some comments from Stagiaires on completion of their programme:

"Marine Institute is a brilliant place to work and would recommend the Stagiaire position to other people"

"The training received throughout the 50 weeks was great and very beneficial"

"Enjoyed the survey work undertaken and the training offered throughout employment with the Marine Institute"

"Getting to know and talk to the wide range of people within the Marine Institute. The Stagiaire position was huge benefit to me and I am very grateful for the experience gained."



The Marine Institute's Bursar Programme is a well established work experience programme to help students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Many students who have undertaken bursaries with the Marine Institute have successfully completed their degrees and have gone on to obtain employment in state laboratories, county councils, pharmaceutical companies, industry and in colleges.

We advertise Bursar opportunities annually in early February in Universities and Institutes of Technology throughout Ireland. They are aimed at undergraduates who have completed year three of their degree course.  Each bursary is for an eight week period with a stipend of €2,200 paid via payroll.

In 2014, the Marine Institute Bursar programme provided work experience for students from seven different third level Institutes and universities across Ireland, in a range of areas including:  fish and shellfish assessments and surveys, corporate communications, sampling salmon and commercial fisheries in ports, assessments of maritime economics and oceanographic technology development.
Speaking at the annual Bursar Programme Seminar, August 2014, Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO Marine Institute, said, “This year the students have clearly demonstrated the understanding and skills developed over the summer and I'm confident that this group of marine scientists will continue to ensure Ireland retains its high reputation in developing a strong marine sector."
It's encouraging to also see the students understand the value of engaging and promoting their work and the marine through story-telling and the use of imagery when giving presentations.   Developing these skills will help foster a deeper understanding of the value of the marine.”


The Marine Institute offer Internships across all areas of the business through the Jobbridge programme, a government supported initiative with the intention of assisting people who are unemployed to retain and develop their skills and/or develop valuable work experience to assist them with securing employment

All Internships in the Marine Institute are managed in a structured and planned way. In addition to the ongoing informal dialogue between the participant and their manager, a mentor is appointed for each intern. Performance targets / work activities are agreed between the Intern and their supervisor as well as a structured  learning & development plan to ensure (a) the skills and experience as detailed in the placement specification are achieved and (b) maximum learning and development opportunities are provided to the Interns. Up to the end of September 2014, the Marine Institute have offered 63 Internships with 67% having secured positions to go to and 13% returning to Education. Please see chart below for further details.

STATISTICS AFTER COMPLETING JOBBRIDGE PROGRAMMEHere are some comments from Interns on completion of their placement:

"This internship has just been the best thing, really enjoyed it and learned loads."

"I really enjoyed working here, nice people and great working environment and really appreciated the learning / training opportunities provided."

"The 9 months have gone really quickly. I am very grateful for the experience and don’t think I would have got my job without doing the Internship"

Comment from Social Welfare Officer following a monitoring visit:

"Congratulations, it’s a fabulous  Internship - highly impressed"

Further information and Internship opportunities on the Jobbridge Internship scheme can be found at


The Cullen Fellowship Scheme aims to provide research training opportunities for scientists in marine and related disciplines leading to the acquisition of a higher degree while increasing the Marine Institute’s research capacity and introducing new science into the Marine Institute.

The Scheme provides fellowships to postgraduates to work on projects relevant to the Marine Institute whilst studying for a higher degree.

The Fellowships may be offered in all areas of Marine Institute research activity – food safety, marine technology, oceanography fisheries, shipping, statistics, marine economics, aquaculture and genetics.

Applications for Fellowships are made by full-time academic staff in third-level colleges in association with a Marine Institute research officer.

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