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Explorer FAQs Overview

“Ask an Explorers Marine Scientist” is dedicated to answering questions relating to marine education. Check the Question & Answer Archive for all kinds of interesting information and answers to questions about the ocean and the species that live there. If you cannot find your answer in the categories below, please drop us an email to ask one of the Explorer Marine Scientists.

Explorer FAQ Vertebrates. Photographer Cushla Dromgool-Regan
Marine Vertebrate Questions & Answers
Marine Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone. The following questions and answers are about marine vertebrates including fish, birds and mammals...
Explorers FAQ Invertebrates. Photographer Cushla Dromgool-Regan
Marine Invertebrates Questions & Answers
Marine Invertebrates are animals that don't have a backbone. See the following questions and answers for more information about crabs, lobsters, jellyfish and more...
Other Marine Q&A. Photographer J. White
Other Marine Questions & Answers
The following questions and answers cover other marine topics such as plants, algae, tides, and more.
Setting up your Own Aquariuam. Photographer Noirin Burke, Explorers Education Officer
Setting up your own Aquarium Questions & Answers
The following section provides information on to set up your own tank. However, remember that setting up a salt water fish tank in the classroom should be done on a temporary basis and all native species must be returned to their natural environment. This section also questions and answers’ to assist you with common problems that may occur with fish tanks.