Explorers Learning About Squid

Explorers Learning About Squid

We love SQUID! Put on your cephalopod science investigators cap and become a Cephalopod Science Investigating (CSI) Explorer. Check out the fun resources below including: Learning about Squid Dissection Film and Fun Facts, information books on Squid; Children workbooks, as well as Kraken presentations, lesson plans and activities, plus lots more.

Squid Planning & Project Ideas Tab

The Explorers Learning about Squid Teachers Planning Guide and Project Ideas provides a list of lessons and activities that can be used in the class. The teacher’s guide provides an outline of how the Explorers Learning about Squid resources can be used to support the primary school curriculum covering STEM subjects; as well as geography, history, maths, English and arts to name a few. The Learning about Squid guide is also packed full of ideas for projects which can be used in the class or be adapted as a Kraken school project.

Squid Films Tab

Squid Films

Put on your science cap and join us watching the film: EXPLORERS Learning about Squid Cephalopod Science Investigations: Squid Dissection & Fun Facts. Our squid-ucation officer includes an amazing close up dissection showing the external and internal features of this a Californian squid. The film also includes lots of interesting facts about squid that will inspire further CSI investigations.

Squid Publications & Workbook Tab

The Explorers Learning about Squid books are full of photos, fun facts and information for children to use in class. The books support STEM, as well as a range of cross curricular lessons and activities including science, maths, English, history and the arts. The books can also be printed by teachers or used on a white board as an introduction to learning about squid and creating the class squid CSI mission.

Explorers CSI Squid for Beginners

Did you know that squid’s brains are shaped like doughnuts and the giant squid eyes are as big as footballs! Explorers Cephalopod Science Investigations: SQUID FOR BEGINNERS introduces children to lots of science facts ranging from their scientific classification; cephalopod evolution; their distribution and different habitats. The book also has a section about a squid’s anatomy showing its external and internal features. The book is packed with information from the history of the Kraken, yummy ‘squidulicious’ food, fishing, climate change to squid in museums and sculptures. It also highlights how squid are influencing todays inventions in science, technology and engineering.

EXPLORERS CSI Our Favourite Squid Species

Did you know that there are over 300 squid species! Explorers Cephalopod Science Investigations OUR FAVOURITE SQUID SPECIES provides an introduction to ten of our favourite squid species found around the world. It includes the giant squid, which is as large as a bus to the smallest pygmy squid, which is the size of your finger nail. The book includes squid information sheets that identifies the English, Irish and scientific names of the squid species; its size, colour and life span. The squid sheets also highlights where the squid lives in, its habitat; what it looks like; how the squid protects itself; what it eats; and its predators.

Squid Childrens Workbook

Explorers Cephalopod Science Investigations: MY SQUID WORKBOOK provides children with a fun booklet to record their squid activities. It includes mind mapping new words, word art, CSI research tasks and investigations, squid dissection report, scientific drawing, designing a squid diorama, writing squid songs, creating a flying squid, designing a camouflage suit, as well as carrying out a series of squid experiments from jet propulsion to looking at the strength of suckers. The squid workbook also has a section dedicated to environmental care, where children are to create a monster collage and kraken story.

Squid Presentations Tab

The Explorers team have also created a number of presentations to inspire further CSI investigations and class discussions. Our Squid-ucation officer also highlights some of her fun facts. Check these out and share them with your class.


Learning about Squid CSI: Our Favourite Facts PowerPoint presentation provides teachers with over 20 fun facts and illustrations. These can be used on a whiteboard or printed and hang on the walls in the classroom, to inspire the children’s learning experience.


Explorers Learning about Squid: KRAKEN the Sea Monster PowerPoint presentation can be used to discuss the history, myths and stories of the giant squid.

Best of luck with your EXPLORERS Learning about Squid CSI mission!