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Take a look at the Explorers news, events and highlights to see our latest stories and events. Don’t forget to plunge in and check out our Explorers Brochure to learn more about our school projects and modules delivered to classes.

Explorers Events
Explorers Events & Activities
Check out our favourite marine and education events where you can join the Explorers team and learn more about the ocean. You can also discover some of our recent highlights and activities where we are promoting ocean literacy in schools and the classroom.
Explorers Latest News
Explorers News
Just in case you missed it… read our recent and past press releases and news items to see how the Explorers team are supporting ocean literacy and teaching marine themes in the classroom.
Explorers Brochures
Explorers Brochures
Check out our brochure and notices for information about Explorers outreach activities, resources, teachers training and lots more.