Atlantic Salmon, Seatrout and Eels

SalmonTrout Smolt

Eel, Salmon, sea-trout and eels belong to the group of fish which live part of their lives in freshwater and part in the ocean. In the case of salmon and sea trout, these fish migrate from the seas where they have been feeding and return to spawn in the rivers in which they themselves were spawned. In contrast, eels spawn in the ocean, returning to rivers and lakes to feed and grow.

All three are vitally important to Ireland from an economic and cultural perspective. In recent times the number of these fish in our waters has declined.

Role of Marine Institute, Newport

Marine Institute, Newport, Co. Mayo

Our role is to investigate the causes of these declines by developing a deeper understanding of the complex biology of these fascinating animals.

In this way we can provide scientific advice that will slow down or halt this decline and, more importantly, restore these stocks to safe biological levels and allow sustainable fishing for commercial and recreational fishermen.

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