Marine Institute Launches Climate Action Roadmap

Michael Gillooly, Interim CEO of the Marine Institute and Patricia Orme, Corporate Services Director at the launch of the Climate Action Roadmap. The Marine Institute has held an Energy Awareness Day, to mark the launch of the organisation’s Climate Action Roadmap. Our five-year strategy, Ocean Knowledge that Informs and Inspires, sets a new vision, and mission for the Marine Institute and identifies eight strategic priorities for the period 2023-2027. Sustainability and climate is to the core of the organisational strategy thereby giving priority, impetus, resourcing and oversight to the delivery of the Climate Action Roadmap.

The combined efforts of staff have resulted in many positives for the Institute, including a 41% energy reduction in our Galway Headquarters since 2015, improvement in waste management, becoming a supporter of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, promotion of Energy & Sustainability Awareness and the commencement of My Green Lab certification in 2022 and the implementation of many energy management measures across our research vessel fleet.

Patricia Orme, Director of Corporate Services, Climate and Sustainability Champion and Energy Performance Officer commented “The improvements already achieved are immense and are the result of the combined efforts of Colleagues across the Marine Institute. I look forward to seeing continual progress as we work through the projects detailed in the Climate Action Roadmap.”

A number of activities also took place during the day to recognise the energy savings achieved by the Marine Institute and how staff can continue to ‘get greener’ at work and home. Staff participated in demonstrations of sustainable practices from Optimising Power@Work, household WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) collection, wildflower seed giveaways, and tours of the recently upgraded boilers in the plant room.


For more information, please contact:
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