Our People – Patricia Orme

The Marine Institute celebrates the diversity of its people. In the video animations and Q&A profile, our people share their study and career paths, the work they do at the Marine Institute and the important contribution their work delivers.
Patricia Orme, Marine Institute

Patricia Orme
Director of Corporate Services
Marine Institute

What is your current role at the Marine Institute and what's involved in your daily work?
I am Director of Corporate Services at the Marine Institute. In our service area, we look after the Governance, Financial Management, Risk Management, Human Resources, Facilities, Library and the Communications Functions of the Institute. Our work supports all our colleagues across the Institute in having the resource and infrastructure they need to perform their scientific, technical, research and policy related work.

What did you study and why?
I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in NUI Galway specialising in Law and Accounting, before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Prior to joining the Institute, I worked with as a Director in KPMG, a professional services practice, managing a team supporting clients with governance, audit and financial matters. This work gave me exposure to the activities of clients operating in different sectors and experience in relationship and project management, stakeholder engagement and in implementing best practice in governance and financial matters.

What is the best thing about working in the Marine Institute? What do you enjoy most about your job?
In the Marine Institute, I work with really talented colleagues, passionate about what they do and always willing to go the extra mile to help each other. I enjoy being part of a team where we each have very different expertise and perspective and that is respected, valued and welcomed. We are fortunate to work in an area where we collectively can make a lasting impact.

What is something you think everyone should know about the ocean?
Our ocean and climate are inextricably linked - the ocean absorbs excess heat from the atmosphere and also absorbs carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere by human activity. My colleagues work to observe and understand how our ocean is changing. Advice and forecasting projections of our changing oceans and climate are essential to create effective policies to safeguard our ocean.