Thinking of Applying for NDP Funding For Your Marine Research

If you are a third-level or public sector researcher, or a marine sector SME, thinking of submitting a proposal under the NDP (2007-2013) Marine Research Sub-Programme, here are two dates for your diary you can’t afford to miss:

  • Next Monday 10th September 2007 - Information Day on the NDP (2007-2013) Marine Research Sub-Programme
  • Wednesday 26th September 2007- Closing Date for the current call for proposals under the NDP (2007-2013) Marine Research Sub-Programme and Industry-Led Awards

The Information Day will take place at the Marine Institute, Rinville, Oranmore next Monday 10th September, 11am – 4pm.  This event is an ideal opportunity to learn more about the Marine Research Sub-Programme, including the funding and eligibility rules. It will also be a valuable opportunity to network with your colleagues in Industry, Third Level Institutions and the Marine Sector Support Agencies.

Under the current call research proposals are invited to address the objectives of Sea Change - A Marine Knowledge, Research and Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013.  Funding is available for:

  1. A range of defined projects in Fisheries; Aquaculture; Seaweed; Marine Environment; and Knowledge and Information Management—including large scale research projects, desk studies, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, PhD Scholarships; and
  2. Industry-led awards – aimed at supporting industry-based or industry-oriented projects.

Email  now to request a registration form for the Information Day. 

Marine Research Sub-Programme (NDP 2007–2013)
The Marine Research Sub-Programme is one of eight sub-programmes of the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Programme of the National Development Plan (2007–2013).  The STI Programme targets investment of €8.2 billion over the seven years of the NDP and is aimed at the development of Ireland’s knowledge-based economy.  The Marine Research Sub-Programme targets investment of €141 million towards some of the key research activities and outputs identified in Sea Change – A Marine Knowledge, Research and Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007- 2013.

Sea Change – A Marine Knowledge, Research and Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007- 2013
Sea Change presents a national agenda, comprising science, research, innovation and management, aimed at a complete transformation of the Irish maritime economy.  Sea Change provides a clear and realistic picture of future opportunities and challenges and a roadmap for selective and managed investment in marine research and innovation for the next seven years. It incorporates applied and basic research programmes, which aim to increase industry competitiveness, build new research capacity and address policy issues.

Specifically it seeks to:

  • Strengthen the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the marine sector by developing a much greater alignment between public sector & third-level research capacity and industry needs;
  • Build new multidisciplinary research capacity and capability in fundamental technologies that can be applied to marine-related activities, leading to the acquisition of new technical skills, the flow of personnel between the research community and industry and the creation of new commercial opportunities and applications; and
  • Deliver a comprehensive planned policy research programme which will apply the knowledge gained from research and monitoring to inform public policy, governance and regulation.

The Strategy will be implemented via three Research Measures (Industry, Discovery and Policy Support) and two Supporting Programmes (Innovation and Infrastructure).  Over the lifetime of the strategy funding will be made available via a range of mechanisms (e.g. large-scale defined projects, industry-led awards, Post-Doc fellowships, PhD Scholarships,) aimed at achieving the specific objectives of these Measures.  The funding available through the NDP Marine Research Sub-Programme will contribute significantly towards achieving these objectives.