Energy from Nature

In the first of a major series of public lectures to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Marine institute's Newport laboratory, 'About the House' presenter and environmentalist, Duncan Stewart, will chair three talks covering various aspects of  Energy from Nature, at the Ridge Pool Hotel Ballina, Co. Mayo tonight (29th September).

The Institute's research facility in Newport, was first established in the Burrishoole catchment as the Salmon Research Trust of Ireland in 1955. Since that time the Newport laboratory has carved out an enviable reputation for science and innovation across a broad range of aquatic disciplines such as: stock dynamics of salmon, sea trout and eels; salmonid genetics; environmental and hydrological studies; catchment management studies as well as extensive research into the rearing of salmonids for stock enhancement, ranching and fish farming.

The lecture opens at 19.30 with an address by Dr. Barry McSweeney, Chief Science Advisor to Government and an introduction by Dr. Peter Heffernan, CEO, Marine Institute, who is a native of Ballina.  Mr. Torben Andersen, Airtricity will give a talk on 'Energy out of Thin Air' looking at potential for wind energy. Mr. Eoin Sweeney, Marine Institute will present 'The Restless Sea - Sustainable Harvesting of Marine Energy'. Dr. Tom Shaw, Shawater Ltd. UK will examine the implications of modern hydro schemes for fisheries. There will an opportunity for questions and answers with the panel following the three presentations.

Other lectures in the Newport Golden Jubilee series:

Marine Birds & Mammals, 13th Oct, Travellers Friend Castlebar 

Fish Ships and Cages, 3rd Nov, Wyatt Hotel, Westport  

Conservation of Salmon Habitat, 15th Nov, RDS, Dublin

Burrishoole - Past Present & Future   17th Nov     Newport Hotel, Newport

Admission to the events is free.