Marine Institute hosts International Meeting on Mackerel

ICES LogoThe Marine Institute is hosting an important annual international meeting at its new headquarters in Galway over the next two weeks. The meeting is a gathering of fisheries experts from the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) community, and will conduct the analyses which will form the bases for the management of some of the highest value fisheries in the northeast Atlantic. Fisheries on which analyses will be conducted include mackerel and horse mackerel as well as sardine and anchovy.  

The mackerel fishery alone is worth over €600 million internationally, and almost €50 million to the Irish economy. The meeting will be attended by 30 delegates from over 16 countries from Russia and the Faroe Islands to Portugal, Chile and South Africa. The meeting is chaired by Irishman Dr. Ciarán Kelly from the Marine Institute.