Explorers Marine Class Project

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The Explorers Marine Class Project provides a range of cross curricular projects and activities that support learning about marine biodiversity, marine technology (STEM), ocean literacy & the arts, the Sustainable Development Goals, and lots more.

Project Themes and Activities

The Explorers team provide a range of Marine Project modules in the class. The outreach officer will provide a list of the themed projects they are covering each term. The following are some of the project themes that our teams cover:

LIVING THINGS - MARINE BIODIVERSITY – Animals & Plants. Photographer Andrew Downes
  • Explorers Caring for the Marine Environment - Impacts of Litter
  • Explorers Learning about Ocean Literacy Principles & Concepts - Science and the Arts
  • Explorers Ocean Legends, Myths and Fairy tales
MARINE TECHNOLOGY – Exploring Our Ocean. Photographer Andrew Downes
MARINE TECHNOLOGY – Exploring Our Ocean
  • The Real Map of Ireland
  • Hydrothermal Vents – Building your Own Unknown
  • Submarines and ROVs – The Things that Sink & Float

The Explorers projects may be used to support SDG14 Life Below Water (marine biodiversity); as well as SDG12 Responsible Consumption & Production (environmental awareness & care); and SDG13 Climate Action, to name a few.

Have a browse through our EXPLORERS PROJECT RESOURCES and EXPLORERS LESSON PLANS for more ideas.  Also check out some of the STEM & STEAM - OUR FAVOURITE OCEAN PROJECTS for some ocean inspiration.  If there is a marine project that you would love to do with your class, have a chat with our team in your local area to see how they could facilitate the delivery of a module for you.

The Module Logistics

The Explorers Education outreach officer are experts in a range of marine subjects. They are happy to recommend projects for the class, as well as work with children to guide them in creating their own project objectives and outcomes. The teachers will be provided with class schemes, educational resources for the class, as well as online materials and lesson plans to carry out cross curricular work based on the project that has been selected.

The Explorers Marine Class Projects will include two class visits by an Explorers Education officer.

  • The first visit will involve a fun activity introducing ocean literacy, concept mapping and planning; as well as a presentation about the selected project topic and / or the class completing an interactive experiment.
  • The children and teacher will complete their Explorers marine project in class before the outreach officer’s second visit.
  • The second visit will involve the class providing a presentation and discussion of their project work to the Education officer.
  • Both visits will involve fun activities assessing the student’s ocean literacy in which they will be awarded an Explorers Certificate of Participation on completion of the module.

The Explorers modules require a minimum of 25 students participating in the Marine Class project module.  If classes are smaller, please contact your nearest outreach officer to discuss options.

Where there maybe restrictions or limited access into schools, the Explorers Education Programme team are happy to discuss an alternative blended learning experience with virtual class visits to facilitate the Explorers Aquarium in the Class module.

All Explorers outreach centres are able to facilitate an Explorers marine class project. For further information on how to book your class for this module please CONTACT THE OUTREACH CENTRE in your location.

The Explorers Education Programme™ is supported by the Marine Institute, and is funded under the Marine Research Programme by the Irish Government.