‘Sea’ the future together: Message of new Marine Institute video

Marine Institute Headquaters, Rinville, Oranmore, Co Galway. 28 July 2020 - The Marine Institute is delighted to launch a new video, with a message that we can all 'sea' the future together. As a global leader in ocean knowledge, the Marine Institute is inspiring Ireland and its people to safeguard and harness our ocean wealth.

The new video has been launched as part of the final week of the Institute's Oceans of Learning campaign, which has been celebrating our connection to seas with a new marine topic over the last 10 weeks. The final week 'One Shared Ocean, One Shared Future' focuses on the importance of local, national and international collaboration to explore and understand our marine resource.

"Our ocean is our greatest national resource," said Dr Paul Connolly, CEO Of the Marine Institute. "As a nation, Ireland made a strategic choice to develop a greater appreciation of its maritime heritage and of the opportunities presented by its 880,000km² marine territory. The Marine Institute's work in coordinating and promoting marine research is essential for achieving a sustainable ocean economy, protecting ecosystems and inspiring a shared understanding of the ocean."

The work of the Marine Institute has seen significant collaborations with organisations, industry, research centres and universities in Ireland and internationally. Ireland has earned a strong reputation in Europe, and internationally for its marine research and innovation, and for driving collaboration in this area

"Looking to the future, there's enormous opportunity for Ireland and its people to be engaged in ocean innovation and research, and what could be described as the last great exploration campaign on earth," Dr Connolly said.

The Marine Institute provides government, public agencies and the maritime industry with a range of scientific, advisory and economic development services that inform policy-making, regulation and the sustainable management and growth of Ireland's marine resources.

Since its establishment in 1991, the Marine Institute has been a key component of a national effort to grow our maritime economy, to create new marine business opportunities and to generate a greater knowledge and understanding of the seas and ocean. The Marine Institute is a key player in the collective effort to deliver on the ambitious targets of Ireland's Integrated Marine Plan - Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth.

The semi-state agency has grown from a staff of one to 230, which now incorporates the Marine Institute's headquarters in Co Galway, the Newport Research Facility in Co Mayo and the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) in Dublin.

For more information on the Marine Institute visit www.marine.ie