Buckland Lecture 2007 Climate Change and Scottish Fisheries

SunsetDr. W R Turrell FRMS, Director of Fisheries Management and Marine Ecosystems Programmes, Aberdeen, Scotland  will be presenting the 2007 Buckland Lecture - Climate Change and Scottish Fisheries at the Marine Institute Headquarters, Rinville, Oranmore, Co. Galway on Tuesday, April 24th 2007, at 7.00pm.  

The focus of the 2007 Buckland Lecture was stimulated by the growing realization that human induced global warming is occurring and that this is now affecting the fishing grounds which British fishermen exploit. The topic of the impact of climate change on fish stocks, and hence commercial fisheries, is complex and has stimulated a great deal of research globally.  The lecture attempts to provide a simple summary of some of the key findings to date, and place them into context for the fishing industry.   If we are to understand how climate change will impact our commercial fisheries, we need first to understand some of the basics of the environment within which fish live, and hence the lecture starts with a quick look at the oceanography of our region. It then goes on to review the evidence describing what has happened in our seas, over the last 10-20 years, and what is happening now. It concludes by considering what might happen in the future, and what we (as scientists, science funders, policy makers and fishermen) might do in response.    

More information about Frank Buckland and the Buckland Foundation can be found at -http://glaucus.org.uk/Buckland.htm

The 2007 Buckland Lecture - Climate Change and Scottish Fisheries is based on theFisheries Research Services Collaborative Report No. 12/06