Exploring Our Marine with the Marine Institute

The Marine Institute's Remotely Operated Vehicle - ROV Holland 1

The Marine Institute is delighted to continue its Exploring Our Marine campaign celebrating our ocean. Launched last year, this awareness campaign aims to inspire a new generation of ocean champions and inform society on the value of Ireland's marine resource, the importance of our ocean and the work of the Marine Institute.

No matter how far you live from the shore, the ocean affects our lives. As well as supporting diverse ecosystems, our ocean is an important source of food and provides us with the oxygen we breathe. Our ocean also regulates our climate, is a gateway for shipping and a means of transport. For many of Ireland's coastal communities, our ocean also offers tourism and leisure opportunities and supports a diverse marine industry. Ireland's ocean economy provides full-time employment for 34,100 people.

The Marine Institute is Ireland's national agency responsible for marine research, technology, development and innovation. Each month, the Marine Institute will be sharing infographics that explore our marine world. We will cover a range of topics including the RV Celtic Explorer, our ocean economy and our changing climate.

This month we will look at the Marine Institute's Remotely Operated Vehicle, ROV Holland 1, which enables the exploration of our ocean to a depth of 3,000m. Using the ROV Holland 1, Irish scientists have discovered hydrothermal vents along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, deep cold-water coral reefs off the continental shelf and a rare shark nursery in Irish waters.

These graphics will be published every month and are available to view, download and share on the Marine Institute's website (www.marine.ie) and our social media channels. Follow #ExploringOurMarine @Marineinst  @MarineInstituteIreland  Marine Institute

Exploring Our Marine – ROV Holland 1 (PDF)
Exploring Our Marine – ROV Holland 1 (JPG)