The Marine Institute celebrates Ireland’s seas on World Oceans Day, 8th June 2021

Galway Bay. 8 June 2021: In recognition of World Oceans Day on Tuesday 8th June, the Marine Institute has joined together with a host of organisations across the country for the 2021 Oceans of Learning series to celebrate Ireland's marine resource and the major role our ocean plays in our everyday lives.

World Oceans Day celebrates the ocean, its importance to our lives and focuses on how each of us can protect and conserve the ocean, no matter where we live. To mark World Oceans Day, follow the Marine Institute on Twitter @MarineInst and like, tweet and retweet with #WorldOceansDay and #OceansOfLearning. The Marine Institute will also be celebrating World Oceans Day on Facebook Marine Institute Ireland, Instagram @marineInstituteIreland and LinkedIn Marine Institute

The Marine Institute has also joined forces with RTÉ to premiere a new spectacular short film Dive Deep with the ROV Holland 1 on World Oceans Day. The Marine Institute's Remotely Operated Vehicle, the ROVDive Deep with the ROV Holland 1 on RTE Learn Holland 1, has enabled scientists to make many exciting discoveries in Irish waters. Explore our deep sea like a marine scientist and discover cold-water corals, shipwrecks and a rare shark nursery. RTÉ Learn is also sharing marine facts on Twitter @RTÉjr, Instagram @RTEkids and Facebook @RTÉjr throughout the day.

Ireland's seabed territory is one of the largest in Europe, and more than 10 times Ireland's land mass. Our coastline of 7500km is longer than that of many European countries. And as an island nation, 40% of Ireland's population lives within 5 kilometres of our coast.

Our ocean is a national asset - it supports diverse ecosystems, is a source of food, influences our climate, weather and our wellbeing, and has an important role in Ireland's economy, providing employment in fisheries, aquaculture, ports and shipping, technology, tourism and seafaring. With an annual turnover of approximately €5.8 billion Ireland's ocean economy makes a significant contribution to the Irish economy, and provides full-time employment for 31,000 people.

Ireland's marine sector is celebrating our seas through the Oceans of Learning series, providing a host of engaging and entertaining resources on the enormous opportunities presented by our coast and ocean.

Everyone can engage with our ocean from anywhere with the new Oceans of Learning podcast series, educational videos and short films, news and online resources all about our ocean. Oceans of Learning explores all aspects of our marine resource - from our rich marine biodiversity, to our changing ocean climate, and our oceans future.

For more information, visit Oceans of Learning at and download the Oceans of Learning podcast from Apple Podcasts and Spotify..


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