Students Showcase their Work in the Marine Institute’s Summer Bursary Programme

Marine Institute Bursar students 2023Tuesday, 1st August: On Friday 28th July 2023, the Marine Institute held its annual Poster Presentation Day, giving student bursars the opportunity to present their work and research completed during their Summer Bursary internship placements. This year, 20 students produced posters and, for the first time, also gave flash presentations to their supervisors, other bursars, and Marine Institute staff. The bursary programme, which has been running since the 1960s, provides students with the rare opportunity to take part in, and contribute professionally to the world of marine science and associated fields before concluding third-level education.

This year bursars worked in areas including fish husbandry, fish trap census research, ecological monitoring, data collation and organisation, marine research, INFOMAR data visualisation, DNA extraction and analysis, historic fisheries data reconstruction, climate research and outreach, finance, communications, and linking art and science.

Eight students’ efforts were spotlighted as exceptional. These students and their project areas were:

  • Rosemary Lane – Crayfish Plague Monitoring
  • Craig Ferguson – INFOMAR Seabed Mapping
  • Saoirse Cusack – Finance
  • Michael Officer – Marine Research Infrastructure
  • Colleen Kyan – Social Media and Communications
  • Brice Dourieu – Shellfish Research
  • Laura Foster – Infragravity Wave Modelling and Communications in Climate Services
  • Dan O Connell – Linking Art and Science

The eight bursar students whoses efforts were spotlighted as exceptional during the presentation day at the Marine Institute, in Rinville, Oranmore, Co. Galway. “It’s really wonderful to see the talent and innovation that our bursars display each year” says Patricia Orme, Director of Corporate Services, on the topic of the Summer Bursary Poster Presentation Day. “An event like today gives us the opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work that the students have been doing for the past number of weeks. The posters were of exceptional quality, their work added significant value to their teams, and will result in lasting impacts within the Marine Institute. They should all be very proud of their efforts as the quality of work and output this year was excellent.”


For more information, please contact:

Sheila Byrnes, Marine Institute e. m. +353 (0)87 815 5271

Sinéad Coyne, Marine Institute e. m. +353 (0)87 947 7090

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