Invitation: Industry expressions of interest to SmartOcean Enterprise Initiative

International SMARTOCEAN Graduate Enterprise Initiative brochureCo-funded by the Marine Institute, IRCSET and industry champions, the International SmartOcean Graduate Enterprise Initiative (ISGEI) is an industry-led research programme focused on the delivery of technology enabled solutions for the global marine sector.

With a target output of 22 PhD and 6 post doctoral awards over the period 2011-2015, the ISGEI seeks to deliver a pipeline of graduates with specialist skills in the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) for the global marine sector in association with an International Network of Private and Public Research Partners. The first in-take of students began in October 2011 and the second call for projects is now underway.

Submissions of interest to the ISGEI research drivers booklet are now invited from prospective industry champions (from the marine and or ICT sector) who have a significant interest to co-fund research and development projects in the area of marine technology. The industry submission (max 100 words) should give a high level outline of the technical area of research of interest to potential industry sponsor and identify the relevant marine sector of application.

Proposals should be aligned to one or more of the following thematic areas;
Renewable Energy (wind/wave/tidal)
Oil and Gas
Shipping and security
Marine environment monitoring
Tourism and Leisure

The deadline for your submission to the Industry Research Drivers Booklet is 29th February and should be emailed to

Benefits for industry project champions include;
Access to world class multi-disciplinary research expertise and associated infrastructure
Insight to next generation technology solutions
Access to high quality specialist graduates
Industry-led research outputs

Industry drivers must be further developed into an outline proposal (2 pages) in conjunction with a Principal Investigator (PI) from one of the ISGEI partner institutions (DCU, NUIM, NUIG, UCC, UL). Outline proposals will be submitted by the academic partner and must have the full support of a dedicated industry sponsor to qualify for review. Deadline for submission of the outline proposal by the PI is March 28th 2012.

Please find attached a copy of the industry information booklet and an overview of key deadlines for the next call:

International SMARTOCEAN Graduate Enterprise Initiative booklet.pdf (395 KB)

ISGEIProposalplanningandstudentselectiontimeframe.pdf (29.5 KB)

For more information on the programme please contact:

Dr. Barbara Fogarty - National Co-ordinator - Advanced Marine Technology Programme - Marine Institute
Mobile: + 353 (0) 87 211 5786
LinkedIn: LinkedIn Group: SmartOcean Ireland 'ICT for the Sea'
Sea Change - A Marine Knowledge, Research & Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013
Prof. Fiona Regan - Assoc. Professor in Environmental Sensing - Marine and Environmental Sensing Technology Hub (MESTECH), National Centre
for Sensor Research - School of Chemical Sciences - Dublin City University
Phone: + 353 1 7005765