Explorers Education Programme delivers quality initiatives that promote marine education

Explorers Education Programme delivers quality initiatives that promote marine educationThe Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme has published its annual Ocean Literacy, Engagement & Impact Report which highlights the range of activities available to schools in support of the new Primary School Curriculum Framework, 2023.    

Congratulating the team, Dr Rick Officer, CEO of the Marine Institute, said the programme continues to deliver quality initiatives that promote marine education:   

Marine modules about squid, sea turtles and deep-sea species, completing seashore safaris, taking part in marine workshops and maintaining aquariums in-the-class, are excellent examples of how the Marine Institute’s Explorers team supports teachers. The Marine Institute’s Explorers Education Programme uses cross-curricular marine content to develop children’s key competencies and ‘blue’ skills in the classroom.”

With the objective of creating marine leaders and ocean champions, 28 schools participated in ‘Healthy Ocean Projects & Ocean Champion Awards’ in 2023. The projects showcased children developing their creative skills through arts, designing boats, taking part in musical performances, and running marine science fairs. 

The Engagement & Impact Report notes a highlight of the year was the Explorers Programme winning the ‘Best Education Outreach Award in Ireland’, presented by Business and Irish Times. This award recognised the Programme for its excellence in promoting ocean literacy at primary school level and the work of those delivering it throughout the country: ­­­­­­­

Explorers Strategic Education and Communications Manager, Cushla Dromgool-Regan remarked that: “This recognition was also highlighted at a recent EU ocean literacy event held in support of the UN Ocean Decade conference in Barcelona.

Stakeholders are now acknowledging the need to drive marine education globally. It is fantastic to see the Explorers work and in particular the education resources being recognised at this level.

For more information about the Explorers Education Programme is available at www.explorers.ie


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