Customer Service

Meeting your needs is important to us. We the Marine Institute are committed to delivering an efficient, professional and comprehensive service. Our Customer Charter sets out how we aim to deliver on our commitments to you. If your expectations are not met, feel free to contact us

Customer Service Feedback Procedures  

There are various avenues to provide us with feedback or to raise a complaint either via telephone, in person or email – details included below:-

Website – link to contact information:

Address & Telephone Numbers for Marine Institute Headquarters:

Co. Galway.
H91 R673
Phone: (+)353 (0)9 138 7200
Fax (+)353 (0)9 138 7201

Website Contact Information:

  • Website Feedback
    Complete the form in relation to any issues, good or bad, you have with the website.
    form: Website Feedback Form
  • Complaints
    Contact for complaints in relation to the Marine Institute.
    • For Complaints - Your concerns will be acknowledged within two working days of receipt into the Marine Institute. You will receive a detailed response to your complaint within 10 working days of your complaint being received. If you are not satisfied with the response you can make contact and an independent Director, not originally involved with the complaint will review the relevant information and respond within five to 10 working days depending on the nature of the complaint and availability of a Director.
  • Accessibility Issues
    Contacts to provide and arrange for and co-ordinate the provision of assistance and guidance to persons with disabilities and also deal with any complaints in relation to Section 38 of the Disability Act 2005.
    phone number: (0)91 387200
  • Web Accessibility Statement: We are committed to providing information and services that are fully accessible to people with disabilities. You are welcome to provide feedback on our website and view our Accessibility Statement.
    Contact for Freedom of Information and Access to Information on the Environment requests. Please note response times are in line with legislation.
Response Times

An acknowledgement of receipt of any of the requests above is provided within two working days including name and contact details for the Marine Institute contact who is handling the query. A response will be provided to the requestor within 10 working days (with the exception of response times for FOI/AIE requests, which will be in line with legislation).

Disability Policy 

We are fully committed to our policy of equality and opportunity. Our Disability Policy provides a clear statement in relation to people with disabilities. To ensure that the needs of all of our customers, including people with disabilities, are met and that rights to equal treatment are upheld in service delivery, the Marine Institute has appointed an Access Officer in accordance with Section 26(2) of the Disability Act 2005 . The Institute fully subscribes to the Code of Practice on Accessibility of Public Services and Information provided by Public Bodies.

Re-use of Public Sector Information 

The Marine Institute complies with the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations (S.1.279 of 2005). We encourage the re-use of the information that we produce, subject to our re-use of information policy

Marine Institute Grúpa Gaeilge 

The Marine Institute established the Grúpa Gaeilge to create and implement an Irish language Scheme (Scéim Gaeilge) to promote the Irish language within the organisation, and to meet the obligations of the Marine Institute, in relation to service provision through Irish, under the Official Languages Act 2003

Bhunaigh Foras Na Mara an Grúpa Gaeilge chun an Scéim Gaeilge a dhearadh agus a fheidhmiú, agus chun an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn laistigh den eagraíocht agus chun dualgaisí Foras Na Mara mar comhlacht poiblí a comhlíonadh maidir le soláthar séirbhisí trí Ghaeilge faoi Acht Na dTeangacha Oifigiúla 2003.