Explorer Lesson Plans

Explorer Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plans Overview

The Explorer lesson plans and activities aim to integrate marine themes into strands taught in primary schools. The lessons plans are based on the Irish NCCA Primary School Curriculum including Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) which are presented through Science, Geography and History. Additional subjects include Mathematics, Language, Physical Education and Arts Education which are carried out through Visual Arts, Music and Drama.

Explorer Lesson Plans. Science
The Explorer Science curriculum supports children with developing basic scientific skills through a knowledge and understanding of marine science. Lesson plans, activities and fun experiments cover strand units including: Living things; Energy and forces; Materials and Environmental awareness and care.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Geography
The Explorer Geography curriculum enables children to make sense of their surroundings and the wider world by bringing the oceans, seas and bays to life inside the classroom. The students will develop a range of geographical skills and concepts relating to our natural marine environments and environmental awareness and care.
Explorer Lesson Plans. History
The Explorer History curriculum provides lessons about Ireland’s marine and maritime history. Developing basic skills as an historian, the students will learn about the world of boats, submarines and underwater exploration by gaining knowledge, and an understanding people, events and the developments in the past.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Mathematics
The Explorer Mathematics curriculum provides a fun a way for students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics through hands-on activities and active learning. Lessons include strand units: Number; Algebra; Shape and space; Measures; and Data.
Explorer Lesson Plans. English
The Explorer English curriculum provides a unique opportunity to develop marine literacy at a young age through Oral Language; Reading; and Writing.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Gaeilge
Gaeilge T2
The Explorer Gaeilge (T2) curriculum provides a unique opportunity to develop marine literacy at a young age through Oral Language, Reading and Writing. A selection of Explorer lesson plans are also available through Irish in the other curriculum subjects. Please see the Gaeilge section of the website under each subject for more information.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Visual Arts
Na hAmharcealaíona
The Explorer Art lesson plans and creative activities enable students to explore and express ideas, feelings and experiences about our oceans through the following strands: Drawing; Paint and Colour; Print; Fabric and Fibre; and Construction.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Music
The Explorer music lesson plans provide students with an opportunity to learn about music influenced by our marine. Children are introduced to listening and responding to music, singing and playing instruments.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Drama
The Explorer drama lesson plans and activities enables children to express ideas, feelings and experiences about marine species, the marine environment and our oceans through drama activities.
Explorer Lesson Plans. Physical Education
The Explorer Physical Education curriculum provides a range of activities and games that can be used outside the classroom or at the seashore.